Melitta Cafina XT6 Bean to Cup Coffee machine

The Melitta Cafina XT6 is a first class machine, literally the creme de la creme of coffee machines.

Apart from its elegant looks, it delivers perfect drinks using some above clever technology.

The Melitta Cafina XT6 under the hood hosts a large metal based brewer and 2 boilers, one for creating steam for milk production, and another seperate boiler for espresso production.

Milk production is mixed with steam via a pump method producing latte milk and a thick foam for cappuccinos. The Melallia Cafina XT6 can be used as a self service machine, or a trained barista can add some skill by manually steaming the milk via the steam wand. The beauty of this machine is the precise delivery of speciality drinks perfect for restaurants or cafe bars where a premium product is expected.

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