La Spaziale S5 Espresso Machine with Cafe fair Trade Coffee Beans

la spaziale s5

The La Spaziale S5 espresso machine is the ‘work horse’ of the La Spaziale range. Apart from its good looks it’s a rock solid machine which can be expected from La Spaziale. So what makes this machine so good, well very many, like all the range each machine is hand built and tracable to the technician in Italy who built the machine from start to finish with a stamp of approval on completion.

The water temperature on the La Spaziale S5 can be electronically managed by the operator to within 1 degree c, to cater for more robusta based beans to perhaps more sensitive 100% Arabica beans which may a slightly less brewing temperature to gain that vital sweet spot.

The Spaziale S5 comes in 2,3 and 4 groups both in standard and high groups, and is available in a compact version in a 2 group.

The side panels are available in 3 colours,red, silver and charcoal, we can always bespoke your company logo or design on request.

Simply give us your design and well do the rest.

You will discover the La Spaziale S5 in many of the high street coffee shops, airports and many independent coffee houses up and down the country.

If you do decide to choose an S5 model please take time and consider a grind on demand grinder, each cup is freshly ground and the grind time very easy to adjust, please see the grinder section for more details

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