2 Group Coffee Machine – Buyers Guide

2 group coffee machineWhether you own a coffee shop or a restaurant, one important peace of equipment that you will need to have is a traditional espresso coffee machine. It will be one of the major incomes for your business, which is why business owners need to make sure that they buy the right coffee machine. When it comes to traditional coffee machines, you can choose from 1, 3 or as most buy a 2 group coffee machine.

When choosing which traditional coffee machine to buy, you need to consider how many coffee cups you need to make on daily basis , as well the maximum number of cups each hour. The main difference between the three group coffee machines is the number of cups they can make time.

A 1 group coffee machine can make two coffee cups within two minutes on avarage. The 2 group coffee machine is able to make up to four cups of coffee within the same time frame. Lastly, the 3 group coffee machine can make a maximum of six coffees at the same time. For instance, you can easily make a cappuccino, a latte, and 2 Americanos at the same time with a 2 group machine. The process will only take a couple of minutes.

Things to consider before buying

As you can see, the more heads the coffee machine has, the more cups of coffee it can produce at the same time. The head is where coffee is extracted. Choosing the right sized traditional coffee machine is important for a lot of reasons.

The machine must be able to handle the workload that you have projected for the week or busy periods that you have. If the restaurant or café is using 5 kilos of coffee beans or less in a week, then a 1 group coffee machine will normally do the job. However, if the demand is higher, then you need to have a larger machine that will allow you to make more espressos faster.

Performance & redundancy factors

A compact 2 group can handle a maximum of ten kilos each week. However, most restaurants and cafes use a full sized 2 group machine that has a bigger boiler. Businesses can use up to twenty kilos using that type of coffee machine. It is important for a o choose the number of groups that can handle the peak volume during rush hour.

More often than not, businesses use a two 2 group machine, instead of a four group coffee machine. That way they are able to get better energy use, redundancy and performance. If one of the two group fails, you still have one to make coffee. That is not the case when you only have a 3 group coffee machine.

if your are looking for a good 1 group, 3 group or 2 group coffee machine, be sure to check out our range of espresso machines here at Café Fair Trade. We offer a wide range of group coffee machine models including Expobar and La Spaziale espresso machines for commercial use. Contact us today and let us help you make the right decision for you business needs.

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