La Spaziale S5 Espresso Machine


The La Spaziale S5 espresso machine is the ‘work horse’ of the La Spaziale range. Features include:

Espresso & Grinder Machine Package

All of our Traditional Espresso Machine Packages come with:

  • Free installation
  • Offer Grinder
  • Barista Coffee Training
  • Barista kit – 3 milk steaming jugs, knock box
  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 1 x Professional Brita Water Filter
  • Pavement Stand
  • Black board Drinks Menu
  • 30 X Table menu cards.
Coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels, among other establishments, need one thing – a reliable, user-friendly espresso machine. With the latter, it will be easy and quick to prepare an espresso whilst guaranteeing that it’s taste and aroma will be exactly what discerning customers would expect.

With the abundance of the options on the market which one should you pick? A strong commercial contender which should not be overlooked is the La Spaizale S5.

First off, the La Spaziale S5 espresso machine is the workhorse of the La Spaziale range. Apart from it’s good looks it’s a rock solid machine which can be expected from La Spaziale. So what makes this machine so good? Like all of the range each machine is hand built and is traceable to a technician in Italy who built the machine from start to finish with a stamp of approval on completion. This alone just shouts quality!

Features & Functionality of the La Spaziale S5

This espresso machine is excellent when it comes to ease of use. It has an electronically managed water temperature, providing you with the assurance of its accuracy. This means that there is no room for guesswork.

There is also no need for extensive training in the use of the machine as it can be operated in a snap. The La Spaziale S5 manual contains comprehensive instructions on how to make the most out of this beast.

Cleaning this espresso machine will also be effortless. Regular maintenance will be required to make it last a long time, but this should not require too much effort on your end.

The durability of La Spaziale S5 espresso machine is another thing that is impressive. The body is made from stainless steel that can resist rusting. This is the perfect choice for busy coffee shops. Even through years of use, you can expect nothing but superior quality and functionality, making it an excellent investment.

The water temperature on the La Spaziale S5 can be electronically managed by the operator to within 1 degree c, to cater for more robusta based beans to perhaps more sensitive 100% Arabica beans which may a slightly less brewing temperature to gain that vital sweet spot.

The La Spaziale comes in 2,3 and 4 groups both in standard and high groups, and is available in a compact version in a 2 group.

It is also available in four different colours – red, silver, black, and gold. It has an aesthetically pleasing design that can perfectly blend with any interior. It can also be customised with your own custom company logo. Simply give us your design and well do the rest!

La Spaziale S5 Models

This model is available in different variants. It is divided into different groups, including compact versions. Your choices will include:
La Sapaziale S5 EK Compact, S5 EK, S5 TA, S5 EP, S5 EP TA, and S5 EP Compact.

Depending on the size and functionality that you need, there is surely a model that will be perfect for your needs.

The La Spaziale S5 is used in many of the high street coffee shops, airports and many independent coffee houses up and down the country. If you do decide to choose an S5 model please take time and consider a grind on demand grinder, each cup is freshly ground and the grind time very easy to adjust, please see our coffee grinders section for more details

At Café Fair Trade, you can find a wide selection of coffee machines, as well as carefully selected coffee beans. This fantastic machine is available at a price that is hard to beat by any other seller.

Power Supply:
240v, 13 amp

Height- 530mm
Depth- 520mm
Width- 700mm

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