WMF 1100S Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The WMF 1100S – Compact, fully automated coffee machine using professional technology.

  • Choose from up to 6 speciality drink options.
  • 7-inch touch display.
  • 5 on-trend colours available.
  • 2x coffee bean holders.
  • Fast Coffee Grinder
  • Click&Clean function.
  • Overflow protection system.
  • Hot water Spout for Teas
  • Designed and made in Germany
  • WMF Phone App Control

With a maximum cup output of up to 80 cups per hour, the WMF 1100S Bean to Cup Coffee Machine delivers a large variety of beverages, with reliability and consistently high quality despite its compact dimensions.

Using the smart operating concept and the 7-inch touch display, anyone can choose and prepare delicious coffee and chocolate beverages with no prior knowledge.

Thanks to the 5 on-trend colours available, the WMF 1100S Bean to Cup Coffee Machine fits into any design scheme. The compact size provides a wide range of installation options. On a worktop, the 60 cm height to the wall unit is easily adequate for installation. For quiet operation, specially decoupled grinders are used for the coffee preparation process, and with the patented SteamJet, cups can be preheated in a trice. The professional technology also allows fresh milk to be used.

The daily cleaning process is very quick and easy thanks to the patented Click&Clean function that is tried and tested in catering operations. Download Brochure for more info.

Beverage variety

The WMF 1100S Bean to Cup Coffee Machine has something for everyone. From hot beverages with or without milk, to those with or without milk foam – espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, café crème, espresso macchiato or caffè latte – the beverage variety is endless.

Intuitive touch display

With its vertical swipe function, the intuitive service design of the 7 Inch touch display enables quick and purposeful guidance through the various menus – Sophisticated ergonomics that simplify more than just the selfservice area.


The heightened attention of guests during beverage selection can be used for Advertising purposes in the self-service area. Images and animation can be easily recorded.

Patented Cup Table

With its fold-out function, the Cup Table guarantees optimal clearance height, even for small cups.

Data Security

Data backup (e.g. of cleaning protocols for HACCP documentation) and software updates with the help of a USB stick.

Overflow protection

Overflow protection of the drip tray thanks to liquid level sensor. There is also the Option of a drainage connection.

Recommended daily / max hourly output*
up to 80 cups per hour

Nominal Output / power supply
1.9 – 2.3 kW / 230 V

Hourly output according to
DIN 18873-2*
for Espresso
for Café Crème 
for Cappuccino
105 Tassen
75 Tassen
105 Tassen

Fresh milk beverages
Basic Milk
Basic Milk + Basic Steam

1 or 2 integrated coffee hoppers / Enhancements (choc or topping variations, generally only 1 coffee hopper)

approx. 550 g/ With enhancements approx. 1100 g
(Filling capacity dependent on coffee bean size)

Basic Milk
Basic Milk + Basic Steam

Total hot water Output / hour
110 Cups (22 litres)

Manual milk foaming and beverage heating
Basic Milk
Basic Milk + Basic Steam

Energy loss per day according to DIN 18873-2 Topping / Basic Milk

approx. 0,76 kWh /day

Outer dimensions (width / height** / depth)

325/500/561 mm

Water supply Tank

approx. 4,5 litres

Empty weight depending on configuration

approx. 25,5 kg

Continuous sound pressure (LpA)***

< 70 dB(A)

* Performance is depending on cup-size, quality settings, discharge, configuration and nominal output. The recommended maximum daily output is based on our catalogue and service concept. However, these average values serve merely as a guideline. Let our trained WMF Team match the ideal coffee machine desgin to your specific needs.
** Height included Display. Height of top cover without display and enhancements: 460 mm. Height of product hopper enhancements incl. lock (without key): 556 mm.
*** The A-rated sound pressure level LpA (slow) and LpA (impulse) at service staff works stations is under 70 dB(A) in any Operation mode.

Above 5˚ dKH (water hardness) a WMF water filter must be fitted.

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"We have been buying our coffee beans for our restaurant from Cafe Fair Trade for years, we believe we have the best coffee in town."
Restaurant Owner
"Choosing a barista coffee machine from Cafe Fair Trade has been one of the best decisions we have made in the last 12 months. A popular and profitable income stream has been added to our business with no loss of alcohol turnover. The advice and help in make the choice and installation was also excellent and trouble free."
carmarthen golf club
Director Carmarthen Golf Club
"We bought 4 Bean to Cup Machines from Cafe Fair Trade for our serviced office environment. Alan supplies us with fantastic coffee and the customer service has always been outstanding! "
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