Mahlkonig K30 – Commercial Coffee Grinder

Mahlkonig K30If you are looking for a professional coffee grinder with the ultimate brewing experience than the Mahlkonig grinders is one to consider. The Mahlkonig K30 Vario is incredibly easy to clean as well as operate, and the unit is dedicated towards ensuring the preservation of all the aroma and taste properties of the coffee beans.

Mahlkonig K30 – Key Features

Right out of the box, it’s going to come with programmable dosing controls, which are going to allow you or the barista to program custom grinding timings for both double and single shots up to the tenth of a second. This control panel is also going to keep track of your daily use as well as the lifetime usage so that you can easily keep a eye on your expenses.

Furthermore, each portion is being thoroughly ground individually in order to ensure minimal wastage of coffee. The Mahlkonig K30 is armed with high-precision discs that are going to guarantee perfect grindings during the most demanding and busiest times.

The machine comes with a stepless grind adjustment, which is going to ensure the incremental as well as precise grind adjusting that’s essential for commercial use. The stop and start function is also going to allow you to manually adjust the dosage which is another great feature. It is also you to pre-set certain specifications.

Other Mahlkonig Models Available

Mahlkonig is a reputable manufacturer, and it offers a wide range of different units on the market. With this in mind, it’s worth looking at the Mahlkoning Peak Grinder, as well as the Mahlkonig Twin.

The Mahlkoning Peak grinder is an electronic espresso grinder whilst the Mahlkonig Twin comes with dual coffee bean containers and nests in order to boost the productivity and meet a higher demand.

In any case, you can find a wide range of units here at Café Fair Trade. We offer a wide selection of Mahlkonig units for sale, and you can be rest assured that they are all top quality.

We offer affordable prices for leasing, renting and purchasing so take advantage of the competitive costs and place your order today to get your Mahlkonig grinder delivered as soon as possible.

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