La Spaziale S2 Espresso Machine


Enter the La Spaziale S2, a good solid machine, with all the benefits of buying a La Spaziale. Features include:

Espresso & Grinder Machine Package

All of our Traditional Espresso Machine Packages come with:

  • Free installation
  • Offer Grinder
  • Barista Coffee Training
  • Barista kit – 3 milk steaming jugs, knock box
  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 1 x Professional Brita Water Filter
  • Pavement Stand
  • Black board Drinks Menu
  • 30 X Table menu cards.
Enter the La Spaziale S2, a good solid machine, with all the benefits of buying a La Spaziale espresso machine, the patented steam exchange system for producing espresso water and hand built using good solid long lasting components.

The machines are of high-end precision manufactured with the objective of producing good coffee, with a mid- range price tag. This is what makes these machines so popular.

The La Spaziale S2 model was introduced to compete with some of the entry level machines on the market, although the S2 is really above the entry-level mark.

Some money was saved by having strong internal Plastic pipe work with brass endings instead of original pressed copper pipes and a manual boiler temperature control instead of electronics, and knobs instead of levers for steam and water.

La Speziale has been in the coffee industry for more than 65 years. They know all too well what customers need and how to create a high-tier espresso machines. Even though La Spaziale S2 is considered to be an entry-level machine, it offers far more than one would expect. Every S2 coffee machine is extremely solid, reliable and long lasting and if its owner takes good care of it, it can last for many years to come on average its about 10 years.

Versatile with All The Features You Need

La Spaziale S2 EK and EP come with comes in 2, 3 and 4 group models, with a 3, 5, 10 and 15-liter boiler, depending on the number of heads. But despite these differences, they all have numerous features, including the built-in pump, electric heating system, the pressure control gauge for the boiler and pump, as well as an automatic boiler refill.

In addition, every La Spaziale S2 espresso machine has 1 hot water outlet and 2 steam lands, a boiler heating element safety thermostat, and a control of malfunction alarms. All this is encased in a durable and reliable stainless steel body.

Easy to Use, Clean, and Maintain

Quickly looking at the La Speziale S2 manual, you can immediately see how easy it is to use and clean. But what is really great about all S2 models is how reliable they are, and how easy their maintenance is. There are numerous firms across the UK who are specialised in the S2, and these espresso machines can hardly offer any surprise to an experienced technician. Every coffee based business needs a reliable and easily maintainable machine, so the S2 is a really good choice.

The La Spaziale S Range

La Spaziale has numerous products, including the La Spaziale S5, the S2 models, as well as the S1, S8, S9 series. While they are different in their own way, they all have good reliability and easy maintenance. You can’t go wrong in choosing a La Spaziale espresso machine.

No matter what model you chose, you can find the best selection of La Spaziale machines at Café Fair Trade. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer every question you may have and help you choose the best solutions for your business at the right price.

Power Supply:
240v, 13 amp

Water Supply Requirements:
Mains Water

1 group: 460mm x 520mm x 530mm
2 group: 700mm x 520mm x 530mm
3 group: 930mm x 520mm x 530mm

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