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Commercial Coffee Machines

Discover our fantastic espresso coffee and the best commercial coffee machines on the market, check out our coffee machine rental packages, prices start from £8.00 + vat per week

Freshly Roasted Coffees

Amazing 100% arabica Fairtrade espresso beans, delicious hot chocolates from Van Houten to a fantastic range of speciality teas from Clipper, it’s all here…

Our Best Sellers

Bean to cup Machines

Discover our fantastic Bean to Cup Coffee Machines.Easy to manage, an all round work horse with multiple drink options.

Espresso Machines

Discover our professional Espresso Machines designed for small businesses, Coffee houses, cafe’s and restaurants.

Coffee Grinders

Discover our professional range of Coffee Grinders. Designed to meet the highest demands for a busy coffee shops.

Coffee Beans

Discover our unique blend of coffee. Our beans have been carefully selected for a truly rich taste.


Discover our unique blend of teas. Imported from the finest organic tea harvest from around the world.


Affordable ingredients from sugar, milk, spoons and paper cups we have it all at a cost you can afford.

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Servicing & Training

Our highly trained technicians will ensure your equipment stays in great shape…. Oh, and we’ll also teach you how to make coffees like a real pro