Fairly Traded Coffee Standards

fairly traded coffeeFairly traded coffee is a type of coffee that was produced with fair trade regulations and standards. This means fair trade companies have created partnerships in trading that provides respect and transparency to help with equity in the trading process.

These types of partnerships help to create sustainable development by giving better trading conditions to coffee farmers. Before fair trade practices were put into play, the prices of coffee were regulated by the ICO (International coffee organisation) these brought forth regulations that were set by the agreement of 1962. But in 1988 fair trade coffee certification was started.

Fair trade is a certification that is granted by Fair Trade USA, which is an organisation that began offering their certifying process in 1998. By ensuring the environmental and labour standards are met, the coffee can then be certified to be fairly traded coffee.

Enjoy a variety of standards that offers the best possible sustainable coffee around. All coffee must be thoroughly inspected by inspectors at the sites to ensure it meets the fair trade certification coffee criteria to be certified.

What is Sustainable Coffee?

This is a type of coffee that is grown for its own sustainability. It includes fairly traded coffee in it. Which has to classify the types of growers they allow to produce their coffee. Coffee has many types of classifications, which include social, economic and environmental. These categories help to determine the type and quality of coffee. Some must be independently certified like that of sustainable and fair trade coffee.

Where can you get Fairly Traded Coffee?

Café Fair Trade offers a large supply of fairly traded coffee to it’s customers. We are also registered with the fair trade foundation and can help to give you the best possible quality of fair trade coffee available.

If you have been searching for quality coffee beans but have fallen short on taste and quality, you are now in luck. Many coffee bean farmers are now partnering with fair trade coffee marketers to ensure their coffee is traded fairly in the market.

By using the services off Café Fair Trade, we can ensure you are getting only the best and tastiest coffee beans around. Contact us today to find out more about how we can develop your own fair trade coffee beans.

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