House Blend Espresso Beans 500g

House Blend Espresso Beans

 Order Code :- Cafe044 House Blend Espresso Beans Description:- This is a darkly roasted arabica and washed robusta blend. The cup is full bodied and full flavoured yet when used as a base for cappuccino or

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Cafe Fairtrade Superior Gourmet Espresso Beans 500g

Superior Gourmet Espresso Beans

Order Code :- Cafe040 Description:- Finest Blend of Fairtrade Espresso Beans, 100% arabica , smoooth nutty tones, especially good with milk. Country Of Origin:- Brazil and Indonesia Brewing Instructions for espresso machines:- 14 grammes coffee, 90c

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"We have been buying our coffee beans for our restaurant from Cafe Fair Trade for years, we believe we have the best coffee in town."
Restaurant Owner