Decaf Coffee Beans – The Healthy Alternative

decaf coffee beansPeople discovered the amazing properties of coffee beans back in the 10th century in Ethiopia. However, the first clear and documented evidence of coffee drinking dates back to 15th century in Yemen. And just one century later, the knowledge of coffee reached other parts of the world, including the Middle East, northern Africa and the Balkans, but decaf coffee was not discovered until much later.

It was back in 1905 when German coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius managed to device the first method to decaffeinate coffee. Mr. Roselius used benzene to remove caffeine from coffee beans. He steamed them in brine and added benzene. But unlike modern methods, this technique is not safe, so it is no longer used. But how do you make decaf coffee beans nowadays?

How Decaf Coffee is Made

Decaf coffee beans are made by soaking green coffee beans in purified hot water. A solvent, usually ethyl acetate or methylene chloride is added in order to extract the caffeine from the beans. But this is not the only method to make decaf coffee.

Another method involves steaming the beans for about half an hour and then rinse them with the solvents mentioned above. This process is repeated a couple of times until the beans are decaffeinated. There are more techniques to extract caffeine, including the Swiss Water Process, which involves a charcoal filter and carbohydrate solvent, as well as sparkling water decaffeination, which removes caffeine with activated carbon filters.

Why Drink Decaf Coffee

So why drink decaf coffee, besides avoiding caffeine in regular coffee? Well firstly, coffee made with organic decaf coffee beans reduces the risk of diabetes because of the high anti-oxidant level. Anti-oxidants also slow down the aging process and prevent cancer. Decaf coffee drinkers are less likely to heave heart problems and Alzheimer’s disease.

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