Coffee Machine Repairs & Servicing

For all coffee lovers, it is very important to schedule coffee machine repairs regularly to preserve the optimal functioning of your treasured devices. There is simply no better start to the day than enjoying your well-prepared coffee. Besides from being a pleasurable drink, coffee has numerous health benefits like boosting your metabolic rate and also offering an excellent antioxidant source. Since the coffee machine is vital for ensuring you get all these benefits, you must do your part in making sure it receives a regular coffee machine servicing.

Bean-To-Cup Machine Package

All of our Bean to Cup Machine Packages come with:

Extend the durability of your coffee machines – Coffee machines do not last indefinitely, and if you do not take care to service them regularly you could end up need to replace them much sooner. Frothing units, gaskets, seals and valves usually need constant maintenance from a coffee machine engineer. Nevertheless, you can still extend the durability of your machine through maintaining a frequent maintenance schedule.

coffee machine repairs

Preventive maintenance saves money – Coffee machine repairs are much cheaper compared to the cost of having to do full replacements. The best quality coffee machines are usually very expensive. Thus, they must be regarded as key investments that need to be well taken care off. Commercial coffee machine repairs reduce the chances of your machines breaking down, which save you a lot of money in the long run.

Maintain high-quality flavour – All coffee lovers treasure an aromatic, flavourful and full-bodied cup of coffee. Nevertheless, if you are to maintain the great quality taste of your coffee, you must plan for regular machine service from an experienced coffee machine service engineer. Failure to do so will easily lead to blockages and also give your coffee a very unpleasant taste.

At Café Fair Trade we can help you to keep enjoying high-quality coffee for a long time with our extensive coffee machine repairs service. We are very passionate about all things coffee and you can count on us to deliver the best professional solutions to all your needs.

Espresso & Grinder Machine Package

All of our Traditional Espresso Machine Packages come with:

  • Free installation
  • Offer Grinder
  • Barista Coffee Training
  • Barista kit – 3 milk steaming jugs, knock box
  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 1 x Professional Brita Water Filter
  • Pavement Stand
  • Black board Drinks Menu
  • 30 X Table menu cards.

Our Coffee Machine repairs & service plans

  • 7 days per week service
  • 5 days per week service
  • Comprehensive service – It covers service calls, labour, and parts during the whole month.
  • Call out commercial machine repair – It includes an hourly rate for any service done to machines that are not covered by the comprehensive service plan.
  • Front end servicing on all espresso machines – We do a full service on your espresso machine where we take everything apart and reassemble it again, replacing seals and cleaning valves among other key servicing tasks.
  • For this complete service, we loan you similar coffee machines for you to use while we work on your coffee machines.

Contact us today for the best quality repairs and maintenance services for your coffee machines at very competitive prices.

Bean-To-Cup Machine Package

All of our Bean to Cup Machine Packages come with:

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"Choosing a barista coffee machine from Cafe Fair Trade has been one of the best decisions we have made in the last 12 months. A popular and profitable income stream has been added to our business with no loss of alcohol turnover. The advice and help in make the choice and installation was also excellent and trouble free."
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"We bought 4 Bean to Cup Machines from Cafe Fair Trade for our serviced office environment. Alan supplies us with fantastic coffee and the customer service has always been outstanding! "
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