Ceado e37s Coffee Grinder

ceado e37sThe Ceado E37s is a huge improvement from the previous model especially in terms of the motor. One thing that coffee lovers will initially notice will be the modified shallow and small body; however, it also comes with an unbelievably large hopper that is practically twice the size of the height of the grinder.

It is also armed with the most recent technology in the fields of coffee brewing such as the control system, which eliminates the building up of static electricity and creates a precise and evenly ground coffee.

The spout of the Ceado E37s short hopper has also been renovated in order to promote precise and consistent dispensing. If you are planning to buy ceado e37s, this guide will walk you through the things that you need to know about this coffee grinder.

Key Features of Ceado E37s

Similar to the earlier model, this upgraded version comes with a dual-automatic starting mode, which enables the push-and-grind with a one-touch function. The preferences that comes with this model are also customisable.

Such as the grinder control, language setting, grind duration and the shot buttons. The simple set-up process and convenient adjustment of grind makes this a workhorse for any busy café or restaurant. When it comes to the system selector, the user has three options; manual, double and single. You also have the option to shift between different systems manually or electronically.

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning of the Ceado E37s is very simple as it equipped with an anti-clogging feature and the burrs can be easily accessed. The burs are secured in place using three screws situated at the upper part of the grinder, which can easily be removed. Compared to the ordinary coffee machine, Ceado e37 short hopper has threads that are sealed to avoid the possibility of being congested by coffee-grounds. Because of the clever design of the e37s, it can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning and can be placed back to the grinder without recalibration.

The Ceado e37s retention can be easily excavated through purging. For the single dosing of the e37s, the level is approximately around 2-3 grams; this is generally low for this grinder. For normal Ceado e37s retention, it can go as much as 5.5-7 grams, which is still low compared to other types of grinders.

Other models similar to the Ceado e37s is the Ceado e92, which has a slower burr speed but still creates an outstanding quality grind. However, this model is more costly compared to the e37s. Ceado’s e92 is also more complex to use but is very compact and is powered with a 71mm conical grinder.

For a complete selection on our Ceado range or if you want to buy Ceado e37s, Café Fair Trade can help you make the right choice. We have a range of purchase options available including leasing, renting or purchasing options. Contact us today to find out more.

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