Bravilor Esprecious Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

bravilor espreciousThe Bravilor Esprecious is the premium model from their range of bean to cup coffee machines. It comes in 4 variations; Esprecious 11, Bravilor Esprecious 12 Esprecious 21 and the Esprecious 22. Lets take a look at the pros & cons of this coffee machine. Bravilor is admired for using durable, strong and high-quality materials on their products. They are also known for revolutionising the traditional way of producing an espresso coffee.

Features of Bravilor Esprecious

When we look at the design and features of the Bravilor Esprecious which can also be found in the bravilor bonamat esprecious manual, you will instantly notice the aesthetic appeal of this coffee machine that makes it stand out amongst the competition.

There is an interactive LCD touch screen. The background colour at the display screen can be set according to your preference. You can set it in constant tone, or you can instruct it to change in colour every few hours. The graphical representation of the drink on the monitor is attractive and intuitive.

The outlet for the dispensing can be conveniently adjusted and is made up of stainless steel that eliminates the possibility of acquiring corrosion. Most dispensing outlets on the market these days are made up of plastic so the stainless steel is truly one of a kind. With the Bravilor Esprecious, you are not just constricted to the normal height of the glasses used in with other coffee vending machines; the height can simply be adjusted to suit any height of the glass.

There are also warning indicator that notify you when the waste bin and the ground container is full. The machine comes with a Wi-Fi feature which allows you to export the data such as coffee readings to the Excel file on your desktop computer. It is also equipped with a hot water channel.

The price of the machine can be compared with the similar stunning model of Sprada Franke and the Jura Giga 5. When the cleaning the machine, you can use fluids, tabs and cleaning equipments that can be purchase from us.

Other similar models such as the Esprecious 11 has only a single canister for the coffee and the other ingredients, the Bravilor Esprecious 12 has a single canister for the bean and 2 for the other fixings, Esprecious 21 comes with 2 hoppers and 2 grinders and the Esprecious 22 also has 2 hoppers and 2 grinders but comes with 2 canister for 2 instant fixings.

For all your coffee needs, choose Café Fair Trade. We have a wide selection of coffee machines with cost effective solutions for every business.

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