Barista Coffee Beans & Techniques

barista coffeeIn the last few years, we have witnessed how the barista coffee dominated the industry of the coffees. The Barista Style Coffee can be best described as a premium coffee that resembles the taste of a coffee brewed using the traditional approach and accentuated the flavour by incorporating fine coffee beans. There are different barista coffee types; Macchiato, Flat White, Americano, Latte, and others. But all of them basically follow the same initial procedure to get that perfect-tasting cup of coffee.

Steps in Achieving that Perfect Barista Coffee

Before you even start brewing that perfect cup of coffee there are different things that you have to consider when creating a barista style coffee. The first thing you should consider when brewing different barista coffee types would be the beans. Remember that the coffee bean has a tendency to oxidise, the longer the time that it is exposed in the air, the more it oxidises.There are also different types of coffee beans such as the Robusta, Arabica, etc. When it comes to the barista coffee machine, the machine that you will choose should be dependent upon your needs. Compact machine should be best utilised on smaller kitchens. Grinder should also be considered. An ideal grinder will produce a not too fine grind that can heighten the bitter taste of the coffee.

The second step is depending upon the method that you are planning to use. Let us focus on the three most popular methods of brewing the perfect barista coffee; cafetiere, aero press and the drip brew.

Cafetiere-in the Cafetiere Method, the brewer, needs to have at least 30g of coffee bean and grind it together with 500ml water. So basically the ratio would be 60g: 1L. The cafetiere will needs to be pre-heated at around 96 degree before the water, and the coffee will be tossed inside.You will instantly notice a formation of crust which will sink once the coffee started to steam. The foam that will be left will need to be removed since it emanates an undesirable bitter taste. Total brewing time using the barista coffee machine will last for 4 minutes. After that the rich tasting, powdery coffee is ready to serve.

Aero Press-Aero Press is one of the easiest methods in making a coffee. Similar with the other techniques, the coffee machine should be pre-heated. The water should be first heated and then brew the coffee for at least 90 seconds. The liquid should then be pushed through the filter which produced a smooth and rich coffee.

Drip Brew-Drip brew requires a certain level of expertise in making this coffee. You will need a specialised coffee machine that resembles a flask that contains a paper filter. You should be aware about the proper folding and placing of the filter into the cone. Fill it with grounds of coffee and let 60 ml of water sit for about 30 seconds. After that, you can pour tiny amounts of water every 30 seconds interval. The result will be an amazing taste that is beyond comparable to other coffee.

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